Advanced Skills Courses

We run a variety of university level skills courses at various locations throughout Israel for widows, widowers, and adult orphans. These courses are designed to help individuals learn the necessary skills to find a stable job. After losing their spouses, our widows become the head of the household, putting them under a lot of financial pressure. These skills courses help them acquire the skills they need to get a job and ease this stress.


Courses offered include: English language and literature; the ins and outs of the stock market; the age of the cell phone, computer and internet skills, among others. We also offer specialized courses for Druze widows.

Participants study with their friends in a supportive and encouraging environment, gaining strength and knowledge from one another. Returning to the classroom should not be a source of financial or social stress. Help us give widows a leg up.

Provide a widow with the opportunity to study new skills! 

$500 per participant

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