Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trip to North America

To celebrate this special milestone in a child’s life, we provide all our Bar and Bat Mitzvah-aged children with an unforgettable three-week trip to the United States and Canada; during which, the children enjoy summer camp activities, tour famous sites, and become friends with North-American campers their age. The children not only form lifelong friendships during the trip, but they also receive unlimited love, support and encouragement from each other, our staff, our volunteer counselors, and the warm and welcoming North American families they are hosted by.

For many of our children, not being able to go through pivotal moments in their lives with both of their parents at their side can be incredibly difficult in lonely. This trip provides a safe space for them to support each other and to share experiences as they laugh and grow together. This experience reminds the children that they are never alone; they always have each other, the organization, and people who support them from around the world. In just three short weeks, our children go on a unique and unforgettable trip that will create lifelong memories for them to cherish.


Sponsor an orphan on the trip of a lifetime!

$3,600 per child

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