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Tami Shelach was elected Chairperson of the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization in February 2016.

Tami served in the IDF Paratroop Corps where she folded parachutes. After her military service, she married Ehud Shelach at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. Lt. Col. Ehud Shelach was a fighter squadron commander who fell in Egypt on the fourth day of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. His body was missing for about six months before it was recovered and buried in Israel.


 After the war, Tami was left with two small children. She met a widower with four children and they raised their six children together. Their wonderful relationship has lasted for more than forty years. Three of the children served as army fighter pilots in senior positions. 

For 30 years Tami worked as a medical secretary and administrative manager at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital. For several years, Tami has been active in the "Widow Adopts a Widow" Program. She goes on home  visits to check in on widows and to show her support for them. She also helps them navigate the bureaucracy of certain institutions.


Since 2011, Tami has been on the Executive Board of the Organization and helped lobby for members’ rights and benefits in the Israeli Knesset. For the past three years, Tami served as Deputy Chairwoman of the Organization and got to know the public and political arenas that have to do with the organization.


Tami was appointed by the Defense Minister to be a member of the Public Council for Commemorating Soldiers, and, within that role, she also serves as Chairwoman of the Advisory Committee to the Minister of Defense regarding gifts to bereaved families on Yom Hazikaron: Israeli Memorial Day.


Tami serves as the Organization's representative within the framework of diverse activities and takes care of many of the organizations in her city and around the country.  








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