Receive a tax-deductible receipt when you donate in one of the following ways:

Donate online in GBP




* If you select the "with Gift Aid" option, as you proceed to the payment, please check the box to share your address in order for your gift to be claimed.


Send a cheque:

Please make the cheque out to UK Toremet Ltd, send it to the following address with an addendum stating that the donation is intended for the IDFWO:

UK Toremet Limited
Shenkers LLP,
4th Floor, Sutherland House
70/78 West Hendon Broadway
London NW9 7BT


Donating in honour of someone? Let us know in the 'dedication' box when donating online, or put a note in with the cheque. Email the address of the person you are making a donation in honour of to and we will send them a thank you letter indicating that a donation was made in their honour.



Thank you for your support!


 To donate a backpack full of school supplies to an orphan entering the first grade £350
 To sponsor an orphan at an Otzma camp £375
 To sponsor a widow going on the widows' retreat £600
 To sponsor an orphan celebrating his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Jerusalem £900
 To provide an orphan with a wedding gift £530
 To provide an orphan with a university scholarship £530-£1,900
 To provide a medical grant £530-£1,900
 To sponsor an orphan on a trip to North America to celebrate his or her Bar or Bat Mitzvah £2,500


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