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Longing 2019
IDF Widows and Orphans remember their loved ones through poetryRead more >>
Longing 2018
IDF widows and orphans express their feelings by writing poems in memory of their loved ones.Read more >>
Ori Greenberg
"We were an ordinary family, but this all changed on July 19, 2014, the first day of Operation Protective Edge."Read more >>
Ido Levita - Otzma ('Strength') Camp Counselor
"It's hard to sum up how it feels to work with these children, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important things I have experienced in my life."Read more >>
Remembering Sergeant Major Zidane Saif
"Let us not cast blame on the murderers today and talk about their burning hatred for us and our country. Let us not be angry at anyone, angry at fate, or any means that put us in this position. I believe that it is God's will," said Rinhal, now a widow.Read more >>
Sagi Dahan
"I have many memories, but not from my own experiences, but rather from stories told by family and friends"Read more >>
Gal Amitay
"Up until two years ago, I considered a Bar Mitzvah to be a father and son event. It appears that it can also take place without a father."Read more >>
Alon Zohar
When everyone calls, "father," I can't remember the last time or place I said the word, "father."Read more >>
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