An exclusive panel discussion on the Valley of Tears series


From the 'Valley of Tears' Series

The panel includes the director of the series, cast members, an IDF widow and IDF orphans from the Yom Kippur War

In the panel discussion the director and cast members of the 'Valley of Tears' HBO series will speak about filming Israel's biggest-budget TV show, the impact of the series and how it both reopened and healed the wounds from the Yom Kippur War.








Sunday, February 7 th , 2021


Israel - 9:00 PM
Toronto CA - 2:00 PM
New York USA - 2:00 PM 
Los Angeles USA - 11:00 AM


Yaron Zilberman
The Director of the series "Valley of Tears"

Lee Biran
Actor (Yoni Ben-Dror)

Omer Perelman Striks
Actor (Nimrod Caspi)


  Tami Shelach
IDFWO Chairwoman
Widow of the late Lt. Col. Ehud Shelach z"l

Yifat Zohat Lerer
The daughter of the late Lt. Eitan Hofree z"l

Benny Abu Even
The son of the late Corporal Yitzhak Abu z"l







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