Meet the Team

Shlomi Nahumson - Director of Youth Programs

With a background in experiential youth education Shlomi is our veteran employee. Shlomi runs the Otzma camps, the Bar and Bat Mitzvah trip to North America and the Europe Leadership Seminar for our teens. 


Alona Asseo - Project Manager

Alona joined the IDFWO team with a background in Political Science, conflict resolution and Business Management. Alona manages the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebration in Jerusalem, the Rejuvenating Day Trips, and all the programs for orphans over the age of 30. Alona’s also responsible for our collaboration with the Israeli authorities and with Yad LeBanim (The association of the families of fallen soldiers of IDF and Security Forces).  


Assaf Musman - Project Manager

Assaf came to the IDFWO with a background in Communication and Political Science. Assaf manages the Annual Widows Retreat and the Wedding Gifts and University Scholarships ceremony. He is also responsible for the Hebrew magazine and PR within Israel.


Dana Peer – Head of Resource Development and International Relations
Our native Brit, Dana brings her experience working in international NGOs, with a background in Psychology, animal welfare and education. Dana heads the resource development and fundraising activities of the organization, predominantly outside of Israel. Dana’s responsible for supporter relations, the organizations English magazine, IDFWO marketing communications, international PR, the English website and other digital platforms.



Shachar Sarid– Otzma Camp Coordinator
For the past 4 years, Shachar has been volunteering as the counselor for religious Jewish IDF orphans during their Bar and Bat Mitzvah trip to North America and Otzma camp. With so much hands-on experience with IDF orphans, a degree in psychology and education, and on route to a Masters in Social work. Shachar manages all our volunteer counselors at camp and coordinates home visits to IDF orphans. She is also responsible for developing new and exciting activities for the programs at Otzma camp.

Danae Salinas – Bat Sherut, Resource Development

Danae came to volunteer for the IDFWO all the way from Mexico! She comes to us with a background in social media and graphic design, and is currently studying towards a degree in Marketing. She works on the resource development and fundraising team; largely working with international donors.  She spends her days on supporter relations, maintaining social media pages, English website, and marketing communications.

Esti Gueta – Bookkeeper and Project Coordinator

Following her army service working with bereaved families of the IDF in the Ministry of Defense, Esti came to the IDFWO team. Esti manages the organizations bookkeeping, and collaborates with the Israeli authorities to register widows and orphans to IDFWO. Esti coordinates the Finance, Rules and Cultural Committees and the Advanced Skills Courses


Shahar Elhayack - Office Manager and Project Coordinator
After spending her army service working with bereaved families of the IDF in the Ministry of Defense, Shahar of course joined the IDFWO. Shahar coordinates our cooperation with the Defense Minister and is the Secretary of the Chairwoman and Executive Director. Shahar’s also responsible for office maintenance, arranging IDFWO members’ benefits and the Hebrew website. Further, Shahar coordinates the Medical and Financial Grants, Rosh Hashana gifts, and School supplies for First Graders.  

Oria Mashraki – Bat Sherut Leumi (National Service)

When Oria heard about the IDFWO, she knew that this was where she wanted to complete her National service. Oria coordinates the Widow Adopts a Widow project, and arranges the logistics of our members at memorial ceremonies. Oria is also responsible for coordinating with our members, and ensures that every widow and orphan receives birthday greetings on their special day. 
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