Yom Hazikaron and Memorials

Together we remember


Yom Hazikaron is the official day of remembrance for Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. A day to grieve, and to recognize that we owe the independence and the very existence of the State of Israel to the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for it. Hundreds of thousands of Israeli's mourn Israel's fallen soldiers, but there is one population in Israel which sheds the most tears: the wives and the children of the fallen men of the IDF and Israel's security forces.

This is a time of year that IDF widows and orphans find particularly difficult, so we make sure that we are standing by their side when they need us the most.

Every year the IDFWO Chairwoman, Executive Director, Board and employees attend memorials throughout the day to commemorate those who have fallen and to show their support for those who have lost their loved ones.

We dispatch Otzma camp counselors to military ceremonies nationwide, where they stand ready to offer comfort and to be a shoulder to lean on, when there are no words to be given.  

We take a group of IDF orphans to meet the Prime Minister of Israel, who sits and talks with the children, honoring their late parents’ memory.

Every Yom Hazikaron, IDF orphans are given the opportunity to sing and perform a song about their fathers with a famous artist.  

The IDFWO bows its head in honor of the fallen soldiers and members of the security forces who gave their lives to protect the State of Israel. As Israel Celebrates 70 years of independence, we stand by the loved ones of our fallen armed forces who paid the heaviest price. We are here for them today and forever.

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