IDFWO´s Response to COVID-19

Event Cancellations and Postponements:

According to Ministry of Health Regulations, IDFWO has canceled or postponed all events in the near future. Any events we were able to postpone have been postponed indefinitely.


The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization continues to care for, monitor, and provide regular and extensive assistance to all organization members, young and old. The whole world, including our country, is in a difficult situation. The Corona Virus that originated in China has penetrated our country and we must take care of each other and watch our health.


That is why, with wisdom and responsibility, we have decided to cancel all planned events for the next two months. This includes events big and small, as well as regional and national events. We are paying close attention to the Ministry of Health’s recommendations, and taking the necessary precautions. We hope that we can get back on track soon and that we will be able to hold the canceled events at a later date. We ask all of you to heed the Ministry of Health’s recommendations and to act responsibly and maturely.


As always, IDFWO is here, our team is working hard to provide resources, services and support to our bereaved families as they face the challenges of COVID-19. IDFWO is available by phone for any and everyone who has a question, request, or who needs help at 036918403


IDF widows and orphans need your support now more than ever as we face these difficult days ahead, here for them forever.



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