Otzma Quarantine Kits

During every school break in Israel, IDF Orphans aged 6-18 have a safe place to go: Otzma "Strength" Camps. However, this year's Otzma Pesach Camp will unfortunately not take place... at least not as it was planned. IDF Orphans were supposed to enjoy school break together in sunny Eilat, but drastic measures have been taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Israel, and both school and camp has been canceled.

This is why, instead of Otzma Pesach Camp, IDFWO chose to start an Otzma Quarantine Camp. We have been sending IDF Orphans packages full of crafts, games, and sports equipment so that they can keep their minds and bodies active during the quarantine. Many activities will also be held online, so that orphans can attend camp virtually and stay in touch with their friends and counselors. To make these activities possible, we need your help! We want to show IDF Orphans that they can still count on their generous supporters from around the world during these tough times.



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