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Longing 2018
IDF widows and orphans express their feelings by writing poems in memory of their loved ones.Read more >>
Ori Greenberg
"We were an ordinary family, but it all changed on July 19, 2014, the first day of Operation Protective Edge."Read more >>
Ido Levita - Counselor at Otzma ('Strength') Camps
"It's hard to sum up how it feels to work with these children, but it is undoubtedly one of the most important things I have experienced in my life."Read more >>
Sagi Dahan
"I have many memories, but not from my own experiences, but rather from stories told by family and friends"Read more >>
Gal Amitay
"Up until two years ago, I considered a Bar Mitzvah to be a father and son event. It appears that it can also take place without a father."Read more >>
Alon Zohar
When everyone calls, "father," I can't remember the last time or place I said the word, "father."Read more >>
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