Ori, Yotam, and Neta- Sharing Their Experiences at Otzma 'Strength' Camps

“I came to a place where I made friends for life that understand me and support me.”


Ori Greenberg, Son of Colonel Amotz Greenberg z”l

“My dad passed when I was 12 years old in Operation Protective Edge,” says Ori, whose father died while fighting in the operation to defend Israel by reestablishing security to Israeli civilians living through Hamas rocket fire. "He helped destroy the Hamas tunnel system that was used to infiltrate Israel in 2014," Ori tells us.

“About a month later (after the death), representatives from the IDFWO Organization came to my house and started to explain how they were going to help us and that I can start coming to these Otzma (‘Strength’) camps.”

“I came to a place where I made friends for life that understand me and support me.”




Yotam Omer, Son of Reuven Omer z”l


“I was about six when he died,” Yotam tells us of the loss of his father Reuven Omer.


“The friends I have made through the organization are not friendships, per say, they are much more than that. They are my family. I can speak more openly to my friends at Otzma (‘Strength’) Camps, I can smile and react to the things I feel because I know they feel the same pain and suffering that I do. With my friends from the IDFWO, I can talk about anything.” 

“It’s very nice when people understand what you have been through and love you.”

“If this organization didn’t exist, I can’t imagine how much harder my life would be, because I feel that they have been a pivotal part of my healing process -  by firstly, boosting my confidence, and secondly, because I have met a lot of new friends.”



Neta Shaham, Daughter of Yakov Shaham z”l

“My father died when I was six years old.”
“Otzma (‘Strength’) camps are a place where people understand me and what I have been through because they have had a similar experience themselves.”

“I had my best friends and my family with me,” Neta says of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trip to North America. “I felt so loved and cared for after the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trip to North America. I became so close to the families that hosted me.”

“They are so excited to be here,” said Howard and Melissa Dakoff, supporters of the IDFWO and a host family in Chicago, on the experience. “For us, to be able to help bring happiness to these children’s lives and see them and interact with them and have them become a part of our family, is such an amazing experience.”

“We are one heart,” said Howard, “and it is important for these children to know and understand that they have family everywhere they go because we are all here for them.” 

Neta expresses, “The IDFWO Organization, and all of its supporters, have helped me face the feeling that something is always missing in my life, overcome the sadness I have felt since losing my father, and help me be happy again.”

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