Otzma ('strength') Camps in Israel

Camps are held four times a year for children aged 6-18 during: Passover, summer, Sukkot and Hanukkah. The camps provide children with 4-5 fun-filled days, and allows their mothers, the widows, a little rest time with the knowledge that their children are happy and thriving.

The aim of the camps is to provide a unique environment where children go through a crucial therapeutic process, alongside peers and their friends who have experienced a similar loss. Here, children feel comfortable laughing and playing together, making lifelong friends, while celebrating the holidays. Our counselors are all volunteers (some of whom are IDF orphans themselves) and the children adore being reunited with their extended IDFWO family every season. Our work is based on deep educational foundations and years of experience. We always do our best to provide our children with an experience that will strengthen and support them by helping them grow into positive and healthy individuals and proud citizens of Israel.


In addition, we offer an extra special Otzma camp for IDF orphans from the Druze community. Due to language and cultural challenges we designed this Otzma camp in order to give them the best therapeutic experience possible. The entire camp is held in Arabic and is run by Druze counselors, two of whom are IDF orphans themselves.


Send an orphan to our very special Otzma camp!

$550 per child per camp.

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