Europe Leadership Seminar For Teens

The Europe leadership seminar event is held annually in collaboration with the European Janusz Korczak Academy in Munich. The seminar provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our youth leadership (aged 16-18) to explore their Jewish-Israeli identity, as well as learn new leadership skills that they can use while working in our programs and for the rest of their lives.

The seminar includes an orientation in Israel, followed by a 10-day trip to Europe where they visit historical sights and figures – both Jewish and universal, and reflect on their personal paths in shaping their communities in the present and future. We have traveled to Prague, Vienna, Venice and Munich. The focus of the first trip was the 500th anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice. After learning about Jewish life in the earlier years of these places, we analyzed the unique role in the thriving success of Venice as a world trading center, and how that role affected Jewish life in the Ghetto. The Leadership Seminar included participants from Israel, Germany and the US, bringing youth together from around the world.

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