A Widow 'Adopts' a Widow

No one knows better than the IDFWO family what it is like to lose a spouse or a parent. Those who go through it themselves truly have the ability to understand this tragedy better than anyone else. For this reason, we instigated the "A Widow Adopts a Widow" project, in which 'veteran' widows 'adopt' a new widow who have recently joined the circle of bereavement, and needs support from those who have suffered this same loss themselves. Both the veteran widows and those widows who have recently suffered the loss of their husbands are tremendously impacted by this program. Our veterans act out of the kindness of their hearts to give to their 'sisters'. Those who are still in the early, desperate stages of loss now have someone to turn to, who they can feel comfortable in asking for help for all of their issues. However big or small they may be, we at the IDFWO Organization knows all too well how truly important they are. 

A testimony from one of the newly widowed women in our “A Widow Adopts a Widow” program:

"Rivka came to me at the most difficult moment. After my Shiva was over, and the many visitors left, I remained alone with my two children and endless thoughts about how to begin again. Where can one derive power from? What does one do? How does one pick up the pieces of her broken heart and go on? Despite the love and support of family, friends and of the Ministry of Defense, I felt lonely. I felt alone in a cruel world - and then Rivka appeared, like an angel. Many people listen, but only a few understand. Rivka understood.

As a widow herself, more specifically, a 'veteran' widow of the first Lebanon War - she remembered her own feelings when she went through it, when she was in a situation like I am in now. Knowing that, I realized that she is the only one who can understand what I am experiencing.

She also helped me to cope with my newly fatherless children, and assisted me in helping them get through the difficult times, which still have not ended. I don't know if they ever will. 

Since she arrived, she has never left my side. She accompanies me through all of the important life events, always providing me with wise advice and explanations along the way. She helps me gain a new perspective on our situation and listens to everything with patience. My friendship with Rivka is one of the most empowering things in my life and I cannot thank her and the IDFWO enough for this invaluable relationship”. 
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