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About Us

The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization was established in 1991 and operates on the basis of the Fallen Soldiers’ Families Law, with the aim of supporting and empowering the widows and orphans of fallen servicemen of the IDF and other security personnel, and to create a supportive community for bereaved families.

The IDFWO is the the representative body for widows and orphans at the legislative level and in the face of the wider public, and through year-round programs, projects and activities it offers emotional, social, financial, and any other necessary support.


Our message is sharp and clear: The IDF’s widows and orphans are not alone and we, along with the entire Israeli public, remember and respect the inconceivable price they and their fallen loved one have paid for Israel’s security.

The organization operates as a democratic entity with elections occurring every four years, when 50 members are elected to serve in a general assembly. The executive board is elected from the members of the assembly, with the chairperson at its head. As the body responsible for managing the organization’s affairs, the executive board examines the needs of the widows and orphans and submits proposals to the Ministry of Defense for the improvement of existing regulations. The board is also active in the government and Knesset to initiate legislation on various issues concerning the public promotion of the widows and orphans.

Our Mission

The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization will perform its duty out of a sense of responsibility and commitment to the bereaved community of widows and orphans of fallen servicemen from the IDF and other security forces, through a display of professionalism, courteousness, patience, open-mindedness, and innovation. The organization will work towards accommodating emotional, social, and financial needs of the widows and orphans; it will represent the issues concerning widows and orphans to the public and to decision-makers and will promote a sense of belonging by creating a strong, supportive community.


International Friends Association

Yossi Cohen (cropped)

Mr. Yossi Cohen, former head of the Mossad


Yael Halaas

Dr. Yael Halaas

IDFWO US Board Member

יוני לאתר

Mr. Yoni Greenwald

IDFWO US Board Member

Max August

Mr. Max August

IDFWO US Board Member

אנה לאתר

Anna Meissner

IDFWO Ambassador, Czech Republic

תמי שלח

Tami Shelach


Tami Shelah’s involvement in the community spans many years as an active member of the Widow Supports a Widow program. In 2012, she was elected to serve on the executive board, and she has served as the organization’s chairwoman since 2016. Tami is the widow of the late Lt. Col. Udi Shelah who was killed serving as a fighter pilot and commander of a fighter squadron in the Yom Kippur War. Tami and Udi established three generations of fighter pilots, the youngest of whom serves in the same squadron his grandfather commanded. Tami works day and night as a full-time volunteer with tireless dedication to the widow and orphan community.


“Shouldering great responsibility, I will give with all my heart and direct the organization to ensure the safety of all its members at all the different levels”.

מ״מ רותי גת

Ruth Gat

Board member

Widow of Lt. Col. Yisrael Gat, who fell in 1990


Believing in your ability is already half the journey; I believe.

חגית סלע

Hagit Sela

Board member

Widow of Sgt. Major Aharon Sela, who fell in 2007


Mark your goal and conquer it with all your might.

עוד זהבה גרוס מידן

Zehava Gross Meydan

Board member

Widow of Maj. Yosef Meydan (Dadon), who fell in 1984


You just need the desire and to strive, to dare, always looking forward with your head held high.

רותי הש צביקלר

Ruti Hash Zvikler

Board member

Widow of Sgt. Harel Zacharia, who fell in 1974


Courage does not always emerge with a roar; sometimes it’s just a small voice at the end of the day that says, “I’ll try again tomorrow.”

לי טורסטון עדני

Lee Thurston Adany

Board member

Widow of Sgt. David Thurston who fell in 1982


Love, smile, and give: It moves mountains.

ח (481) 532x800

Yona Nefesh

Board Member

Widow of Master Sgt. Reuven Nefesh who fell in 1981


life is not a journey of searching for oneself, but of creating oneself with giving and smiling.

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Wasim Shibel

Board member

The son of staff sergeant Shibel Ibrahim who fell in 1993


The ability to give of oneself, leading change for the benefit of the orphans and the widows and the success of the organization are a great privilege.

Members of the elected delegation

Organization Team

ח (25) 532x800

Shlomi Nahumson


ח (112) 532x800

Noali Miron

Director of Organizational Development

David Metzler

David Metzler

Director, International Relations

ח (62) 532x800

Yifat Zinger


ח (492)

Mazi Stroll

Accounting Manager

ח (153) 532x800

Yehuda Katz

Project Manager

ח (80) 532x800

Dana Atias

Project Manager

ח (123) 532x800 (1)

Eyar Eliyahu

Otzma Project Director

ח (4) 532x800

Sarit Lev

Resource Development Associate

ח (97) 532x800

Inbal Levy

Project Manager

ח (100) 532x800

Eden Naflay

Project Manager

ח (478)

Avishay Yanay

Project Manager

Organization Committees

Ariela Yoshua - Chairman
Hagit Sela
Ahuva Jacobovitz
Zahva Gershon
Dina Rajpurkar
Aliza Cooperman
Adv. Orly Geller - Chairman
Adv. Zehavit Gabin
Adv. Zehava Gros Midan
Adv. Hava Shanir - Chairman
Nehama Anuim
Michael Gronsky
Nechama Moskal - Chairman
Lee Thurston Edney
Abigail Gamzo
Ayala Razi
Rachel Shahar
Dror Lavi
Loans, Grants and Scholarships
Chava Arbiv Baram - Chairman
Klarit Adiv
Ronit Rot Schiff
Dalia Alkalai
Anat Tzfoni
Efrat Mandil Ildis
Hannah Beaton
Vered Kashti Avraham
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