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The organization holds enterprises and activities throughout the year, represents the widows and orphans in front of the legislature and the general public, provides emotional, social, financial support, or any other necessary support.




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War Update: A Time of Sacrifice and Solidarity

Amidst the ongoing war, The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization faces an unprecedented surge in the number of orphans they support....

“Letzidech” (Beside You) – Embracing the pregnant widows 

In an impactful response to the needs of nearly 30 pregnant widows, The IDF Widows & Orphans Organization launched the ‘Letzidech’ project....

The Last Dawn of Love and Valor

Avi and Shahar Hendy’s love story, one of both devotion and resilience, inspires us to cherish each moment and strive for a peaceful future. ...

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