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Otzma Project

The organization holds enterprises and activities throughout the year, represents the widows and orphans in front of the legislature and the general public, provides emotional, social, financial support, or any other necessary support.

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The Otzma Project benefits all orphans between the ages of 0-30. The aim of all project activities is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the orphans, that empowers them to develop resilience and process their loss through growth and enjoyment as they forge meaningful relationships with others who share a common experience.

The dictionary definition of Otzma is power, strength, might. In physics, the word denotes “the measure of power embodied in something.” The word signifies the inherent power found in each of us, but primarily, it is the power we possess when we choose to face things together. The Otzma Project comprises personal mentoring programs, camp programs throughout the year, delegations, and seminars where we meet up with the orphans at the various milestone stages of their lives and accompany them as we all grow together through fun – and empowerment.

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Otzma Activities

Otzma Camps

The Otzma Camps are for orphans from ages 6-18 and are held during the festival breaks on Sukkot, Chanukah, and Passover, as well as during the summer vacation.

Otzma Plus – The Empowerment Seminar

Otzma Plus is the general name for our community of orphans in the 19-29 year age bracket. This age group of orphans has needs that are different to the younger orphans, and they therefore require different services.

Care Packages

Joining the IDF is a special moment for all Israelis, but holds particular significance for IDF orphans and their families. To show support for our orphans, we provide them with a special heavy-duty backpack with essential supplies they will need during their service.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Delegation to North America

The bar and bat mitzvah delegation lets the orphans meet members of their peer group and become part of an actual community that will accompany and support them throughout their lives.

Gifts for First Grade

There is no doubt that the start of first grade is one of these milestones, and every year we are proud to present IDF orphans with a generous gift basket brimming with school stationery, notebooks, and other goodies, as well as a school bag.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebration

In honor of the children’s bar and bat mitzvah, the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization holds an exciting and moving celebration annually.

Discovery Program for Cultivating Strengths and Talents

This program is a joint initiative of the IDFWO Organization and the Department of Families and Commemoration at the Ministry of Defense. The program was established with the aim of leveraging opportunities for the orphans to enable their growth and progress by the cultivating and nurturing their talents and skills. The project includes the formation of a think tank, which, with the cooperation of the families involved, helps explore strengths, interests, and future dreams - precisely those areas where the children need a little push and encouragement.

How to take part

The Otzma Project includes several highly valuable activities related to developing the orphans’ personal resilience and the positive impact on their personal growth.

Attend our events, volunteer for our camps, or donate now.

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