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Otzma Plus – The Empowerment Seminar

Suitable for: Young Orphans| Otzma

What's in the program?

Otzma Plus is the general name for our community of orphans in the 19-29 year age bracket. This age group of orphans has needs that are different to the younger orphans, and they therefore require different services.

It was important for us to maintain the Otzma community developed during holiday camps, and to adapt to their changing needs corresponding to theorphans’ current stage of life, so Otzma Plus was conceived.

The seminar is held twice a year between semesters. The seminar is an opportunity for valuable and meaningful meetups with like-minded people and with social workers from the Ministry of Defense, where they can acquire tools, harness their skills, work on personal development, and enjoy themselves.

How it was in previous times

They are fighting for our nation and existence.

Together we must take care of their families

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