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Otzma Camps

Suitable for: Young Orphans| Otzma

What's in the program?

The Otzma Camps are for orphans from ages 6-18 and are held during the festival breaks on Sukkot, Chanukah, and Passover, as well as during the summer vacation. The meetups provide a community where orphans feel they can belong, and which will accompany them on their paths through life. Participants process their loss together, create positive experiences, develop resilience, and support one another.

The children are divided into three age groups: juniors (ages 6-12), the younger group (ages 12-15), and the seniors (ages 15-18). Each group has its social coordinator and team of experienced councilors who accompany the children during camp time and occasionally beyond the camp periods, during the year.

The camp is for bereaved children of servicemen from IDF and security forces, from all parts of the country, of all ethnicities and from all population sectors; children of all types sporting all kinds of interests! In addition, we run a camp in Arabic twice a year.

How it was in previous times

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