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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Event, June 2022

Participated: Widows| Young Orphans

Where were we and what did we do?

The organization’s annual bar Bar and bat Bat mitzvah event was a lineup of celebrations, including a festive gathering with the state presidentPresident of the State of Israel, a celebratory meal at the Western Wall Tunnels, and a ceremony for all the boys and girls, including Jewish,the Druze, and Bedouin sectors. Afterwards, there was a main ceremony held at the Tower of David with the IDF cChief of Sstaff, police Police commissionerCommissioner, and other security officials in attendance. The children and their families enjoyed a day filled with meaning, reminding them that they are never alone and that the IDFWO Organization is by their side at every significant milestone in their lives.

They are fighting for our nation and existence.

Together we must take care of their families

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