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Discovery Program for Cultivating Strengths and Talents

Suitable for: Young Orphans| Otzma

What's in the program?

This program is a joint initiative of the IDFWO Organization and the Department of Families and Commemoration at the Ministry of Defense. The program was established with the aim of leveraging opportunities for the orphans to enable their growth and progress by the cultivating and nurturing their talents and skills. The project includes the formation of a think tank, which, with the cooperation of the families involved, helps explore strengths, interests, and future dreams – precisely those areas where the children need a little push and encouragement.

On eliciting these talents, a customized program is built for each child, enabling them to maximize their unique potential in the best and most efficient way possible. The program allows orphans to manifest their dreams, face their fears, develop resilience, and to invest in themselves from a positive place of growth. The program is for bereaved children of fallen IDF and security force servicemen between the ages of 6-18.

How it was in previous times

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