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Activities for Adult Orphans

The organization holds enterprises and activities throughout the year, represents the widows and orphans in front of the legislature and the general public, provides emotional, social, financial support, or any other necessary support.

Medical Grants

IDFWO Organization provides medical grants to widows and adult orphans who require specialized healthcare. A considerable portion of the organization's annual budget is allocated to individuals who face such difficulties and have no one else to turn to for help.

Birthday Gifts

Every year, theTHE IDFWO Organization presents members with a gift for their birthday. The gift is delivered by mail to their most recent address as it appears in the organization’s database.

Enrichment Courses

Each year, the organization offers its members an array of excellent enrichment courses, which are subsidized by more than half their cost.

Rosh Hashanah Gifts

We continue our tradition of delivering a Rosh Hashanah gift for the home of each widow and adult orphan.

Overseas Retreats

Retreat for widows and orphans of the IDF and security forces - Together in Israel and around the world

Regional Activity – Building a Local Community

As part of the organization’s year-round activities, regional activities are held all around the country for widows and adult orphans. Currently, there are 15 regional activity centers throughout the country!

Event for Scholarship Awards and Wedding Gifts

Just as at any significant juncture in life, we take it upon ourselves at the organization to support the widows and orphans at this important time, by way of awarding study scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and presenting a wedding gift to newly married couples.

Booklet of Longing

The IDFWO’s Booklet of Longing is, as its name implies, a compilation of poems, stories, and reflections that convey longing for a husband or father, a wife or mother, who left on a mission and never returned.

Otzma Magazine

Otzma is the official mouthpiece of the IDFWO Organization, which is published and delivered quarterly to all members and partners in the organization.

Annual Day Trip

Annual Day Trip – once a year IDFWO Organization holds a day trip for members. The goal of this rejuvenating day trip is to bring together our members from across the country for an enjoyable and meaningful bonding experience. Various artists perform during this trip and strategic partners, such as officers of fallen soldiers, senior officials from the defense establishment, and social workers.

Adult Orphans’ Retreat in Israel

Annual retreat in Israel - Enjoying the power of community together The annual retreat is for consolidating and strengthening the adult orphan community, and creating shared experiences as a group of equals.

The Sail Program

The Sail Program makes the most of the sea, sailing, the benefits of group travel, and professional knowledge to aid the group and individuals, and to produce a life-changing journey.

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