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“Letzidech” (Beside You) – Embracing the pregnant widows 

In an impactful response to the needs of nearly 30 pregnant widows, The IDF Widows & Orphans Organization launched the ‘Letzidech’ project.

In a world where bravery and sacrifice define the essence of our soldiers, the families they leave behind are left shattered, and for a group of close to 30 pregnant widows, the need for extra care is urgent.

The IDF Widows & Orphans Organization, in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Defense and the IDF’s Fallen Soldiers Division, has therefore introduced the ‘Letzidech’ (Beside You) project – a beacon of support for the pregnant widows of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the wake of the tragic events of October 7, 2023. This initiative is more than a program; it’s a promise to stand by those who have endured the loss of their loved ones in defense of our nation.

The Letzidech project is tailored to address the unique needs of these women during one of the most significant periods of their lives: pregnancy, childbirth, and the early stages of motherhood. Recognizing the profound impact of their loss, our mission is to provide emotional, medical, and practical support that nurtures both the widow and her unborn child. From prenatal care to counseling services, our comprehensive approach ensures that no widow walks this journey alone.

On January 29, 2024, we held our first gathering for a group of pregnant widows, inspiring a sense of community and a network of care. The Letzidech project not only aids these families during their time of need but also honors the legacy of the fallen soldiers by ensuring their children are welcomed into the world with love, support, and a sense of connection to the valor of their fathers.

The Letzidech project is more than an initiative; it is a testament to our collective commitment to never forget the sacrifices made for our country and to ensure that the light of those who have fallen continues to shine through the lives of their children. Together, we build a future where hope prevails, and support knows no bounds.

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